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Our Clients

American Abroad

US Expat Taxes are more complex than they appear. At Cloud Expat Tax, we pride ourselves on educating our expats regarding their tax filing obligations. We also assist our expats with tax planning throughout the year for a hassle-free tax filing experience. Moving abroad is challenging enough.

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Foreign National who moved to the US

Foreign Nationals who moved to the US could be facing a Tax dilemma in two or more countries. Paying taxes in two countries isn’t financially viable. At Cloud Expat Tax, our experts will help you claim the credits, exclusions and treaty benefits to mitigate double taxation.

Delinquent Tax Filer

Many expats who left the country several years ago are not aware of the fact that they need to file their Tax Return every year. Most of them would be eligible for the Foreign earned income exclusion or the Foreign tax credit, hence very few of them would have to pay taxes again in the US. Through the IRS streamlined programme, you can get back into the good books of Uncle Sam.


Green Card Holders

Filing a US Tax Return for the 1st time can be very challenging for a Green Card Holder given the different possible scenarios in the year of arrival. We help Green Card Holders with Tax planning and optimization calculation for a smooth ride in their 1st year as Green Card Holders.

International Students

International students and tutors who have income from US sources during the year will have to file taxes with the IRS. We help students who have moved from an F1 visa to H1 Visa to stay compliant with their taxes.


Non-US Person with US Source Income

Non-residents aliens may have their taxes withheld at 30% in some cases. We help Foreign Nationals who have US source income through a property or an investment in the US.